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I just can't find the solution at the moment to this regex. It's super simple and I'm a super newbie, and I don't know how to do it. I have those strings:

 palsar_cprof_1_1_10_0.sdat #1
 palsar_0.99_10_1_0.sdat #2
 srtm_cprof_10_10_5_0.sdat #3
 srtm_10_10_5_0.sdat #4

And I only want to match 2 and 4 because after srtm or palsar there is an underscore and then a number (0.99 and 10) and no further characters (cprof). What I tried is something like this (in python):^(.*_)(?![az]]), string)

What I think is a negative lookahead and should assure that it start with anything until a _ and then doesn't have a letter from a-z. But it's not working. Any suggestions?

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