Converting MySQL queried JSON to Object

I have been struggling to convert the MySQL query JSON object below into a normal object. Any ideas on how to go about this? I have been trying for a long time but cant seem to find a solution. Thanks for your time.

{"lectures":"{\"id\":1,\"lecture_id\":9,\"school\":\"University\",\"location\":\"London\",\"class\":\"21\",\"subject\":\"Advanced Maths\",\"teacher_name\":\"John Andrews\",\"teacher_email\":\"\",\"start_time\":\"18:00\",\"end_time\":\"21:00\",\"date\":\"Wed Apr 14 2021\",\"room_uuid\":\"0b762ce4-eb04-4068-a199-f32bdb694d47\",\"room_password\":\"pw\",\"additional_notes\":\"Bring protractor\"}"}

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