How to change src to data-src in certain div

Page with issue:

JS code on page:

<div class="slider-in-80-104-cm">&nbsp;</div>
<script>$(".slider-in-80-104-cm").load("/ #products-27")</script>

Load tab content from: - Tab under id #products-27 (see in source code on page)

In is possible add products in TITLE PAGE to bs tabs - see in title page. I Need this products in categories (like 80-104-cm etc.)

I use jquery $load content from title page tabs to certain pages (products categories), but on categories pages is loaded ONLY first 4 products with images, but next products is loaded WITHOUT images.

If i change position of products in shoptet admin, always not displayed image on fifth and next products.

I need change src do data-src, because in certain images shoptet load src, but i need display real images in data-src.

<img src="" data-src="" alt="Ergonomické nosítko Fidella Fusion BABY SIZE - Cubic Lines Rustred" data-micro-image="">

I use many jquery codes from here, but nothing dosen´t function. Thank you.

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