AttentionBlock with for loop exporting a large graph?

Is there any way to handle attention decoder block which including a loop? The implementation is on this Colab Link


I wish to export a Attention Block that include a loop for decode. It seems like the LSTMCell can't export to ONNX due to this issue. So I used the LSTM work like LSTMCell by taking single time step to inference. How can I handle this kind of model? Is this a problem with the onnx export function in pytorch?

If i export with use_external_data_format=True option, it doesn't save to a single file but instead a lot of separated files.

I have open an issue in ONNX github issue and ask in stackoverflow because I'm not sure it is an bug/feature issue or a question.


It seems like the following implementation exporting a very large graph can't be export to ONNX and show the following errors.

RuntimeError: Exporting model exceed maximum protobuf size of 2GB. Please call torch.onnx.export with use_external_data_format=True.

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