How do I force Git to allow me to resolve all merges manually during a rebase?

I'm attempting to rebase a local development branch onto the latest version of master in order to incorporate the newest changes. However, this development branch is for cleanup work, so its commit history looks something like:

  • Normalize YAML whitespace
  • Standardize on double quotes for YAML string literals
  • Standardize docker-compose file organization & standard keys
  • Fix common typo of 'fu' where we mean 'foo'

This means I cannot trust Git's automatic merge conflict resolution system; even if none of the changes from master overlap with any of the changes from a given commit, the new code might nonetheless contain instances of the error which that commit is supposed to fix, e.g. adding a new block of YAML which doesn't use double-quoted string literals, or adding a new Docker service to a compose file which is lacking the standard keys.

What I'd like to do is run the rebase, but tell Git not to do any automatic merge resolution at all - that is, any file which has been modified in master should be marked as a merge conflict, even if none of the new code overlaps with my edits at all. That way, I can review each bit of added or edited code and manually apply the appropriate fixes. Is there any way to do this?

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