Inappropriate blocking method call

this warning appears even when used with IO context. my code:

override fun download(url: String, file: File): Flow<Long> = flow {
        var total: Long = 0
        var count: Long = 0

        withContext(Dispatchers.IO) {
            val client = OkHttpClient()
            val req = Request.Builder().url(url).build()
            val response = client.newCall(req).**execute**()
            val sink: BufferedSink = Okio.buffer(Okio.**sink**(file))

            response.body()?.let {
                while (count != -1L) {
                    count = it.source().**read**(sink.buffer(), 2048)
                    if (count == -1L) break
                    total =
                    withContext(Dispatchers.Default) {

the bold parts are getting warning. is anything going wrong with code or the warning should not appear?

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