JsonSchema2Pojo, Date of Birth is generating with Type Number, I am trying to pass the value in Integer

I am currently Generating Pojo class using JsonSchema2Pojo, My json schema has couple of class related to Date of birth , Start Date and End date which is defined with type number, when i generate the Pojo class, its of type Double and i am unable to pass int value,

E.g if i am trying to set date of birth as 1/1/2020, it says Required Double and Passed int.

I have tried to use true which has not worked, also i dont find any supporting tags to convert number to int in jsonschema2pojo properties

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Read more here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/68460657/jsonschema2pojo-date-of-birth-is-generating-with-type-number-i-am-trying-to-pa

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