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The user needs first enter a coice A,B or C and # to exit. If he enters anything else he gets prompted the same alternatives again A,B or C. Then he enters a word which is to be used to find anagrams, paligrames and palidromes. I am just starting with coding and I have no idea how to write this code and define everything.

def load(file):
    """Open a text file & turn contents into a list of lowercase strings."""
        with open(file) as in_file:
            loaded_txt ='\n')
            loaded_txt = [x.lower() for x in loaded_txt]
            return loaded_txt
    except IOError as e:
        print("{}\nError opening {}. Terminating program.".format(e, file),

def find_anagrams(word_for_search, search_list_dictionary):

def find_palingrams(dictionary_list):

def print_generic_list(list_items_category_name, list_to_print):

def find_palindromes(anagram_list):

def print_pairs_of_twos(dictionary_of_pairs):

def write_anagrams_palindromes_to_file(original_word, anagrams_list, palindromes_list):

def write_palingrams_to_file(palingram_list):

def main():
    running = True

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