How Can I merge event in Full Calendar using the same time, and I have a problem with timegridview it’s just saving in alldayslot even I have a time

Here is my code for my FullCalendar. The allDaySlot is false but when I turn it into true all my saved time goes there even I have time. I hope you can help me with my situation. Thank You in Advance :D

                     <!DOCTYPE html>
              <html lang='en'>
                  <meta charset='utf-8' />
                  <link href='' rel='stylesheet' />
                  <script src=''></script>

                    document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function($) {
                      var calendarEl = document.getElementById('calendar');
                      var calendar = new FullCalendar.Calendar(calendarEl, {
                        initialView: 'timeGridWeek',
                        editable: true,  
                        dayMaxEvents: true,
                        allDaySlot: false,
                        headerToolbar: {
                          left: 'prev,next today',
                          center: 'title', 
                          timeZone: 'UTC',
                          events: [
                            @foreach($workingHours as $workinghour)
                                  title : '‎‎‎‎ Time: '+'{{ $workinghour->start_time }}'+'-'+'{{ $workinghour->finish_time }}',
                                  start : '{{ $workinghour->date }}',
                                  url:    "{{ route('admin.working-hours.edit', [$workinghour]) }}",

                  <div id='calendar'></div>
                  #calendar {
                      width: 100%;
                      margin:20px auto;

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