Is there a way to show an entire div with content, only when two (both) checkboxes are clicked, usin jquery/js or just html?

Basically I need parts of a form to show only when both checkboxes are selected,for example in this particular case I need one checkbox for "Individual" checked, then when "managed by team admins" is checked, a div shows with a further few options.

The issue I'm facing is that the "Managed by teams, and the other checkbox for the same category (direct entry) need to be visible when both of the first criteria is met. For example when either "individual", and the alternate option "teams" are checked, both "manged by team admins" & "direct entry" needs to show, though if "Managed by teams admins" is selected and "Managed by team admins, the div that would show if "individual" was checked should not show.

I apologise for my probably terrible explanation, but any help would be appreciated

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