WordPress: local/remote development workflow using git

I have a general development workflow question related to wordpress development using git.

My setup:

  • three remote repos (ya, separated repos): dev, stg, prd
  • local environment with one git repo (dev, stg and prd branches)

My workflow for a deployment:

  1. pull live site to local prd branch (including database pull, using "Local" tool), in case there were some automatic updates on the live site
  2. merge local dev into local prd
  3. push local prd to remote prd (=deployment)
  4. merge "back" local prd into local dev, in order to have dev up-to-date

Question: Is the workflow ok? I feel that it would be better to omit steps 1 and 4 completely and handle ALL plugin updates etc. on local dev before deployment. However: how, in that case, would I handle structural database changes? How can these be deployed to prd?

Thanks Michael

Read more here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/66384684/wordpress-local-remote-development-workflow-using-git

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