Using django-oscar to sell fully custom products

I am looking into using django-oscar to sell custom-made products. There is only one SKU, but it has 4 properties that customers can specify: chemicals, color, scent and weight.

  • Chemicals is a JSON object (a dictionary of name/value pairs), and we will need to use that to keep track of inventory of the chemicals.
  • Weight is an integer between 200 and 20000.
  • Scent and color each have a dozen values at present.

Customers will make up recipes and share them with each other. A recipe is a combination of the 4 properties.

Product will be made to order, so we will only stock raw ingredients, not finished product.

We already have an HTML/JavaScript page that allows customers to choose values for the 4 product properties. Costing needs to be done via an Ajax call to an API that needs to be exposed by Django.

Currently, there is one fulfillment partner (me), but django-oscar only applies fulfillment partners to fully defined products.

Is django-oscar capable of selling custom products such as I describe? It does not seem like the admin dashboard is suitable for defining custom products. How would I approach setting this type of store up? I have looked at but I have not tried to move forward yet, still trying to get a handle on things.

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