NEXT_LOCALE cookie is being ignored. Am I doing something wrong?

I need to manually set the user's locale and get access to it in getStaticProps for a multilingual static site.

I have 2 questions.

  1. Is it possible to create a multilingual website without having language in the subpath or as a domain?
  2. Why is Next reading my NEXT_LOCALE cookie wrong? I set the cookie to me and it says that locale is en. I get me as a locale only when I go to localhost:3000/me.

All I could find about the cookie is this sentence in the docs

Next.js supports overriding the accept-language header with a NEXT_LOCALE=the-locale cookie. This cookie can be set using a language switcher and then when a user comes back to the site it will leverage the locale specified in the cookie.

For example, if a user prefers the locale fr but a NEXT_LOCALE=en cookie is set the en locale will be used instead until the cookie is removed or expired.

Judging by this, the NEXT_LOCALE cookie should be read instead of subpath or from the domain, but in my case, the NEXT_LOCALE cookie is totally ignored.

Does this have something to do with "next": "10.0.5". Do I need to downgrade? Or could it be that I misunderstood something?

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