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I got a working php-fpm docker container acting as the php backend to a nginx frontend. What I mean by working, is that it renders phpinfo output in the browser as expected. My php-fpm container was produced by php-fpm-7.4 prod of the devilbox docker repo. It has OCI8 enable.

The issue: I keep getting ORA-28547 when trying oci_connect

What I have done:

1--add /usr/lib/oracle/client64/lib to a file inside and run ldconfig -v 2--restart docker container.
3-- Now phpinfo shows ORACLE_HOME=/usr/lib/oracle/client64/lib

4--Add tnsnames.ora to /usr/lib/oracle/client6/lib/network/admin (there is a file inside that folder that even tells you to do that) 5--Restart docker container again. 6-oci_connect still fails with the same error.

What I am missing?

Thank you very much for any pointers, I think I have browsed to the end of the internet and back without finding a solution yet.

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