*Please Help ASAP.* C program

The issue I'm facing is this for loop suppose to go back all the way up and restart over again if you didn't get the three questions right. Instead, it just repeats the last question.

void quiz1(){
 int i =0;
char answer1, answer2;
char answer3[5];
// trying to guss the end user inputs.
    char ans1 = 'T' || 't';
    char ans2 = 'A' || 'a';
    char ans3= 'int' || 'Int' || 'Integer' || 'integer';
for(i=0; i<15; i++) {
    printf(" Welcome to quiz number1\n");
    // Question number 1 which is True and False.
    printf(" Question number one\n");
    printf("True or False question\n");
    printf("Is this statment down below valid\n ");
    printf("press T for true and F for fulse:\n");
    scanf(" %c",&answer1);
    // Question two which is  multiple choices.
    printf(" Question number two\n");
    printf("multiple choices");
    printf("Is this statment down below valid or not valid\n ");
    printf("A. valid\n");
    printf("B. invalid\n");
    printf("press A for choice one and B for choice two:\n");
    scanf(" %c",&answer2);
    // Question 3 which is a fill in the blank
    printf(" Question number three\n");
    printf("%%d is refer to what type?\n");
    printf("Please inter the type name that match this simple\n ");
    scanf(" %c",&answer3);
    // checking if the user end have the right answers.
    if ((answer1==ans1) && (answer2==ans2) && (answer3==ans3)) {
    else {

} }

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