How to use NavController in compose ViewModel via hilt

I am using jetpack compose with the navigation compose library to navigate from one screen to the next. Usually you would have a ViewModel that would take care of user interactions (e.g.: viewModel.addItem()). In order to fulfill the addItem command i would like to show another screen via navController.navigate(). The ViewModel itself is injected into the Composable via hiltNavGraphViewModel().

Not the question is: How could i inject the NavController into the ViewModel via hilt?

class ScreenViewModel @Inject constructor(
  private val navController: NavController // where does it come from?
) : ViewModel() {

  fun showScreen() {


The NavController is created via the rememberNavController() method up in the composable hirarchy. I also do not want to pass the controller down the composable hierarchy or use a CompositionLocal. The preferred approach would be to have the controller available in the ViewModel.

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