JS signature pad from https://github.com/thread-pond/signature-pad is unable to work on larger touch screens laptops and desktops

I am using the 'jquery.signaturepad.js' library as it appears in the link https://github.com/thread-pond/signature-pad . This library has a signature pad (canvas) for mouse/touch screen signature purpose. The touch screen signature works when when the device is an Ipad/Iphone and other smaller devices but not on desktop/laptop touch screens.

Is there any fix I could make this library to work both using the mouse and the touch screen (if device is touch screen) in all (most) devices?

I have tried it in all browsers and no luck

Read more here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/68386908/js-signature-pad-from-https-github-com-thread-pond-signature-pad-is-unable-to

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