How to filter a list of article titles with select language tags using Wikipedia API?

I am trying to use language tags to be able to filter titles using the Wikipedia API.

For example: how can I filter through titles from Armenian wikipedia (

I've tried setting the Origin to but receive: An error occurred while loading the API query response: HTTP error:

I would like to also further filter by referencing if the article exists in another language (or the original article came from a language other than Armenian).

The end goal is to filter titles that are translations/transliterations of foreign words which been written using the Armenian script.

For example:

English |

Korean |

Armenian |

One search result could be something like above which returns:

Sejong the Great

조선 세종

Սեջոն Մեծ

I am just learning how to use the Wikipedia API so any examples or help will be greatly appreciated.

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