How to set automatic rollbacks in CodeDeploy with CloudFormation?

I'm creating a Deployment Group in CodeDeploy with a CloudFormation template. The Deployment Group is successfully created and the application is deployed perfectly fine.

The CF resource that I defined (Type: AWS::CodeDeploy::DeploymentGroup) has the "Deployment" property set. The thing is that I would like to configure automatic rollbacks for this deployment, but as per CF documentation for "AutoRollbackConfiguration" property: "Information about the automatic rollback configuration that is associated with the deployment group. If you specify this property, don't specify the Deployment property."

So my understanding is that if I specify "Deployment", I cannot set "AutoRollbackConfiguration"... Then how are you supposed to configure any rollback for the deployment? I don't see any other resource property that relates to rollbacks.

Should I create a second DeploymentGroup resource and bind it to the same instances that the original Deployment Group has? I'm not sure this is possible or makes sense but I ran out of options.

Thanks, Nicolas

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