How to query sibling rules from a Bazel rule

I would like to be able to do the following in a Bazel BUILD file:

  name = "hello world",
  color = "blue"

  name = "hello again"

Where alpha and beta are custom rules. I want beta to be able to access the color attribute of the alpha rule, without adding a label attribute. In Bazel query, I can do something like this:

bazel query 'kind(beta, siblings(kind(alpha, //...)))'

which gives me the beta which is side by side to alpha. Can I achieve the same somehow from within the implementation function of the beta rule?

def _beta_rule_impl(ctx):
  # This does not exist, I wish it did: ctx.siblings(kind='alpha')

I've seen this been done with a label like this

  name = "hello again",
  alpha_link = ":hello world" # explicitly linking

but I find this a bit verbose, especially since there is a sibling query support.

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