How To Fetch CoinEx API With Access ID And Secret Key In Java Script?

I Trying To Fetch CoinEx API And Get Account Info But I Receive Error .

API Documentation :

API Invocation Description

Acquire Market Statistics

Inquire Account Info

Note : This Account Is Only For Test (Sharing Access ID And Secret Key In Public)

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
let ServerTime=0;
let AccessID="61CFB9AB7F0B46B18F26EE2E3F155F4C";
let SecretKey="109E2A9E37DD4257D4C6DEDFE3F261A269EEB98DAA48B3E1";
let Signature=CryptoJS.MD5(SecretKey).toString().toUpperCase();

async function Process()
await MarketStatistics();
await AccountInfo(ServerTime,AccessID,SecretKey,Signature);

async function MarketStatistics()
let MarketStatistics_Fetch=await fetch("");
let MarketStatistics_JSON=await MarketStatistics_Fetch.json();


async function AccountInfo(ServerTime,AccessID,SecretKey,Signature)
let AccountInfo_Fetch=await fetch(""+"?"+"access_id="+AccessID+"&"+"tonce="+ServerTime+"&"+"secret_key="+SecretKey,{method:"get",headers:{"authorization":Signature}});
let AccountInfo_JSON=await AccountInfo_Fetch.json();


Result : Signature error.

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