NETunnelProvider stop receiving packet on iOS 14?

I'm having a Local VPN app that using "NETunnelProvider / NetworkExtentsion", In my solution, I created a split tunnel on the device itself to track the DNS request, using NEKit I was able to peek inside the packets and filter the ongoing request based on the destination address (let's call ita UDP listener for DNS requests).

This solution was working fine on iOS 13.7 and less, recently apple release iOS 14, and my solution stop working, VPN connection still established but the user can't access any webSite, I debugged the code and found out the networkExtision does not receive any packets from user activity only.

I'm using the CocoaAsyncSocket library.

func udpSocket(_ sock: GCDAsyncUdpSocket, didReceive data: Data, fromAddress address: Data, withFilterContext filterContext: Any?) {
    let host = address)
    guard let message = DNSMessage(payload: data) else {
    guard let session = pendingSession.removeValue(forKey: message.transactionID) else {
    session.realResponseMessage = message
    session.realIP = message.resolvedIPv4Address
    let domain = session.requestMessage.queries[0].name
    let udpParser = UDPProtocolParser()
    udpParser.sourcePort = Port(port: dnsServerPort)
    udpParser.destinationPort = (session.requestIPPacket!.protocolParser as! UDPProtocolParser).sourcePort
    udpParser.payload = session.realResponseMessage!.payload
    let ipPacket = IPPacket()
    ipPacket.sourceAddress = IPAddress(fromString: dnsServerAddress)
    ipPacket.destinationAddress = session.requestIPPacket!.sourceAddress
    ipPacket.protocolParser = udpParser
    ipPacket.transportProtocol = .udp
    packetFlow.writePackets([ipPacket.packetData], withProtocols: [NSNumber(value: AF_INET as Int32)])

let dummyTunnelAddress = ""

let dnsServerAddress = ""
let dnsServerPort: UInt16 = 53

// Tunnel confg.
let tunnelAddress = ""
let tunnelSubnetMask = ""

Regarding "Local Network permissions" Based on the apple document some apps need to request local network permissions, I added the permission to the info.plist but local network permissions are not triggered.

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