SVG Error: error while updating property of ‘d’

Before i start i just want to mention that i tried some ways of solving this problem when i search the site for answer, couldn't make this work :(

As the title suggested i have a problem while i'm using React Native Victory graphs. To be clear: it works fine untill i press the button to display the graph again.

for example this is the onPress im calling the graph with useState method:

      onPress={() => {
      <FontAwesome5 name="chart-bar" size={36} color="#0000FF" style={{ padding: 9 }} />

This is the graph code:

        data: { fill: "#c43a31" }
      data={handleBarData()} //This function calculate data and return array

After a graph icon is pressed its working Working

After im pressing another graph, and then returning to graph i already pressed before, the app freeze and i get this error:


using "react-native-svg": "^12.1.0",

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