Practicing functions and the Strict Equals in my conditional is acting wrong and I am not sure why

I am new to coding and I am just practicing with some functions and I came across something with the "strict equal" of my conditional.

I am building a simple palindromeChecker in JS.

so I made this:

const w = "Apple";

const palindromeChecker = (phrase) => {
  const lowerWord = phrase.toLowerCase().split(" ").join("").split("");
  console.log("LowerWord: --->", lowerWord);
  const result = lowerWord.join("")
  console.log("Result: --->", result);
  const reverse = lowerWord.reverse().join("");
  console.log("Reverse: --->", reverse);

  if (lowerWord.join("") === reverse) {
    return true
  } else {
    return false


the return keeps coming back true even though the word is clearly not a palindrome. I'm know that I can exchange:


in the conditional with:


and I get the correct answer, but I am wondering why I am getting "true" with lowerWord.join("") when the string is not the same?

thanks in advance!

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