Ampersand in object’s properties

I'm writing a JS script that has an object with &'s in some of its properties, e.g.

var topicObj = {
"Client & Peripherals": ["USB", "Printer", "Copy/Paste"],
"Install & Upgrade": ["Tenant Upgrade", "Agent upgrade"]

The thing is, when I attempt to iterate over one of its values, e.g.

selMTopic = "Client & Peripherals"
for (t in topicObj[selMTopic]) {

it fails, it can't compute t, I guess it doesn't like having &'s, and similar characters, in the property.

I've been trying to find out how to have and use &'s in properties with no luck; I've tried encoding the string with encodeURIComponent but no luck either.

Any idea how can I do it, if possible? I need to have those &'s there. I'm thinking it using two arrays instead of the object, one with the object's properties, and the other each of the object's value arrays; but I would really rather stick with an object, as I may need to add more "levels of depth" in the future.

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