Best way to get application folder path

I see that there are some ways to get the application folder path:


PowerShell parse xml and save changes

I’m parsing a csproj file for a nuget install and I’ve got a node that needs to be altered. The node in question is the node named “Generator” where it’s value equals “TextTemplatingFileGenerator” and it’s parent node has an attribute of “…

Python MySql Insert not working

I am using python MySQL API to connect to Mysql database from python program. I am facing a problem from few days. I am unable to insert records into the database and dont know whats the reason. Here is the way i connect and insert records…

.doc to pdf using python

I’am tasked with converting tons of .doc files to .pdf. And the only way my supervisor wants me to do this is through MSWord 2010. I know I should be able to automate this with python COM automation. Only problem is I dont know how and whe…

Perl non-greedy

I am having a problem with a non-greedy regular expression (regex). I’ve seen that there are questions regarding non-greedy regex, but they don’t answer my problem.
Problem: I am trying to match the href of the "lol" anchor.