Extract Mac address from output

I m trying to extract ONLY the Mac address from the "sh mac address-table interface gi1/0/3" command and save it in a file but struggling to get the right result . I have come up with the following script in trying to seek and display the MAC address but not getting the expected outcome , it may over elaborated . Any help would be appreciated . Thanks in advance

from netmiko import ConnectHandler
from getpass import getpass
from netmiko.ssh_exception import NetMikoTimeoutException
from netmiko.ssh_exception import NetMikoAuthenticationException
from paramiko.ssh_exception import SSHException

print('\n****Please provide Login Details****')
username = input('\nEnter your username: ')
password = getpass('\nEnter password:')

with open('devices.txt') as f:
    devices = f.read().splitlines()

for item in devices[1:]:
    ip = item.split(',')[0]

    cisco_device = {
        'device_type': 'cisco_ios',
        'host': ip,
        'username': username,
        'password': password,
    print(f'\n Connecting to {cisco_device["host"]}\n')

    connection = ConnectHandler(**cisco_device)

        net_connect = ConnectHandler(**cisco_device)
    except NetMikoTimeoutException:
        print('Device not reachable')

    except NetMikoAuthenticationException:
        print('Authentication Failure')

    except SSHException:
        print('Make sure SSH is enabled')

    command1 = [f'do sh mac address-table interface gi1/0/3']

    output1 = connection.send_config_set(command1)


    with open('myfile.txt', 'a') as f:
    f = open('myfile.txt', 'r')

    print(f'\n Disconnecting from {cisco_device["host"]}\n')

    print('#' * 60)


Read more here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/64959187/extract-mac-address-from-output

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