How to indetify each of this grains?

So, sorry if I got anything wrong here, it is my first time asking questions in StackOverflow.

Well, I am trying to make a program for material sciences, the program will get an image like the first one:

1 -

and the objective of the program is to take the measurements of each grain in the image, so area size, width, high, shape, count how many there are...

First I was trying to do with Open CV2 library, but i was finding some difficulties that are from the image, and I think I can't do anything about it.

Then I sucefully transform the image in an array, i Can do the measurements now but I would like to do a measurement in each of the grains, and I can not....

My teacher said to me that I can also combine python with ImageJ.

So I am kind lost, I would really apreciate somebody help to tell me what to do...

Thank You very much

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