DEPRECATION: HTTParty will no longer override `response#nil?`. What does this Deprecation warning mean?

This question is probably poorly structured so please bear with me, I'm new at this.

I'm trying to build a simple web scraper but every time i run my code i get this warning in terminal. I have tried to follow the link to the github issues hoping i would get a clearer explanation but i didn't understand it there either. Tried googling, but nothing there either.

[DEPRECATION] HTTParty will no longer override `response#nil?`.
This functionality will be removed in future versions.
Please, add explicit check `response.body.nil? || response.body.empty?`.
For more info refer to:

I guess what i want to know is, in basic terms, what does this warning mean? and is there something i should do different from now on when using the HTTParty gem?

Read more here:

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