Which MongoDB scaling strategy (Sharding, Replication) is suitable for concurrent connections?

Consider scenario that

  • I have multiple devclouds (remote workplace for developers), they are all virtual machines running on the same bare-metal server.

  • In the past, they used their own MongoDB containers running on Docker. So that number of MongoDB containers can add up to over 50 instances across devclouds.

The problem becomes apparent that while 50 instances is running at the same time, but only 5 people actually perform read/write operations against their own instances. So other 45 running instances waste the server's resources.

Should I use only one MongoDB cluster by combining a set of MongoDB instances ,for everyone so that they can connect to 1 endpoint only (via internal network) to avoid wasting resources.

I am considering the sharding strategy, but the problem is there are chances that if one node taken down (one VM shut down), is that ok for availability (redundancy)?

I am pretty new to sharding and replication, looking forward to know your solutions. Thank you

Read more here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/64346739/which-mongodb-scaling-strategy-sharding-replication-is-suitable-for-concurren

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