BATCH : Log for not moved files

I use some example on internet to make a very basic batch. The goal of my batch is to move files from a source folder to a destination folder. My batch is located in the source folder and create a destination folder with Md command.

After there's a list of files to move, for each individual file the command is like this:

md DestinationFoldername
move "" DestinationFoldername
move "Listofstuff.dat" DestinationFoldername
etc for 1300 lines

I write a line for each specific files.

My problem: I want a logfile of files which don't exist in the source folder, I wish to have a log.txt with information like : " don't moved because file don't exist on source folder"

I've tried this:

@echo off
set LOGFILE=batch.log
call :LOG > %LOGFILE%
exit /B

But it indicate only "1 files moved", no other information.

Is it possible to make a log.txt with the information I need? How can I achieve that with the simple "move" command in my bat?

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