Project 3d coordinates onto 2d screen with angle (Python)

My current project is rendering 3d shapes in a 3d coordinate-system implemented as an array/list. I've got a Camera class with the method snap, witch "takes a photo" of the list from a specific point and renders it in a higher resolution. Here is an example with camera at (100,100,100), the center of the cube at (100,100,120) and the cube size = 15.


Currently I am creating a square at rDis (=renderDistance) away with the middle point (camera\[0\], camera\[1\], camera\[3\]+rDis) and side lengths calculated with the angle fov. From there I can just calculate where the corner-points are with some simple math:

def getEdgePoints(self):
        epm = (self.pos[0], self.pos[1], self.pos[2] + self.rDis)        #Gets center of square
        ab = round(2*(self.rDis * math.tan(self.fov/2*(math.pi/180))))      #Gets square width
        ad = ab #round(2*(self.rDis * math.tan(self.fov/2*(math.pi/180))))  #Just there because I might change the shape from square to a rectangle. Currently the same as ab.

        return {"ePm":epm,"a":(epm[0]+ab/2, epm[1]+ad/2, epm[2]),"b":(epm[0]-ab/2, epm[1]+ad/2, epm[2]),"d":(epm[0]+ab/2, epm[1]-ad/2, epm[2]),"c":(epm[0]-ab/2, epm[1]-ad/2, epm[2]),"ab":ab, "ad":ad}  #Returns all corner-points + some more

My question is, how would I get these points if there was another angle an involved. I'll draw a picture. This is how it's currently:


And how It should be with an:


Note: All corner points are still an equal distance away from the camera. Everything is just rotated an degrees.

But with an I cant just do middle point = (camera[0], camera[1], camera[3]+rDis). How can I calculate that and the corner-points?

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