How to mock nested objects using mockito

I've read related SO threads, it seems that they are not applying to my specific case.

Mockito - Creating nested mock objects

mock nested method calls using mockito

We need to write some unit test cases for production code which looks like:

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The case is:

val dbService = LevelDbKVServiceImpl()
dbService.insertOrUpdateAssignedField(instance, false)

And got the error:

kotlin.UninitializedPropertyAccessException: lateinit property processType has not been initialized

The chain is:


class LevelDbKVServiceImpl {
    fun insertOrUpdateAssignedField(entity: DynamicEntity, needLogin: Boolean): Boolean {
            return LevelDbHelper.insertOrUpdateAssignedField(entity, needLogin)


object LevelDbHelper {
    fun insertOrUpdateAssignedField(entity: DynamicEntity, needLogin: Boolean): Boolean {
        val levelDb = LevelDBHolder.of(needLogin)


object LevelDBHolder {
    fun of(needLogin: Boolean): LevelDB {


object ProcessInstance {
    private lateinit var processType: ProcessType

    // Will init it before other components
    fun init(context: Context) {
        processType = fetchProcessInfo(context)

    fun isMainProcess(): Boolean {
        return processType.alias == PROCESS_MAIN_NAME

It make sense that lateinit property processType should be initialized before test, we may need to refractor the code base to make the objects inject into other object via constructor parameters.

I was wondering is any way to use Mockito to test the insertOrUpdateAssignedField without refactoring the code base?

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