Excel formula counting specific text while dealing with multiple factors

I am trying to create a formula that does multiple things:

  • Scans Column A11:A50 in 10 sheets.
  • It doesn't count blank cells in that column.
  • It only counts unique text in each cell, if that unique text is a duplicate among all the sheets it still only counts as one.
  • And the determined unique text is controlled.

for example: sheet1 - a1,b1,b2,c1,d1,e1,f2,g1,h1 sheet2 - b1,c1,e1,f2,g1 sheet3 - b1,e1,f1,g2,h1

Among those 3 sheets in the example, I am looking for how many times b* shows up without counting the duplicates that show up in all the sheets combined and skipping the blank cells that might exist. Thanks for the help.

Read more here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/64597432/excel-formula-counting-specific-text-while-dealing-with-multiple-factors

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