wordpress – replace meta values in table

I have a "usermeta" table in db.

and there are some columns including meta_key and meta_value.

the delivery_location(meta_key) has same meta_value.

so I want to replace current meta_value to new value in deliery_location

(70982, 20, 'delivery_location', 'a:61:{i:0;s:47:"{lat:32.89030473256227, lng:-96.96264851172401}";i:1;s:47:"{lat:32.89359300394015, lng:-96.94936752319336}";i:60;s:0:"";}'),

my question is that how I can replace the all same meta_values at once in mysql?

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Read more here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/66995978/wordpress-replace-meta-values-in-table

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