Trying to see how method is called ie. if $(‘.test’) or $(‘.test’).hide() , if first one return element if second return object

I am trying to recreate the $() selector and so far all is well. One thing I am hung up on is how to return an element rather than the object if no method is being called.

For example:

I have a function

function $(selector){

return new DomEl(selector); //this would be the simialr ot the jquer object that has all methods


The above allows me to call a methods on the element like so:


But if I just use the function without calling any class like so: $('#test')

I want it to return the element:

return document.querySelector(selector)

So my question is how can I detect how the $() function is being called and whether or not it is being called with a class method to be called upon it ?

Thanks for your help!

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