what the best way to upload larger files to s3 with nodejs aws-sdk? MultipartUpload vs ManagedUpload vs getSignedURL, etc

Im trying to look over the ways AWS has to offer in order to upload files to s3. When I looked into their docs it confused the hell of out me. Looking up to the various resources I came to know a bit more resources like s3.upload vs s3.putObject and others realised there are physical limitations in API gateway and using lambda function to upload a file.

Particularly in case of uploading large file like 1-100 GB AWS suggests multiple methods to upload file to s3. Amongst them are createMultipartUpload, ManagedUpload, getSignedURL and tons of other.

So my Question is: What is the best and the easiest way to upload large files to s3 where I also can cancel the upload process. The multipart upload seems to tedious.

Read more here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/66267359/what-the-best-way-to-upload-larger-files-to-s3-with-nodejs-aws-sdk-multipartupl

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