How can I Improve validation / performance for non-stop and start over the last item?

I want to improve my logic in this simple script that if stops or crashes or re-execute the script then start over from the last recorded item in the JSON, and find in the bulk link the position to start again from that, but my question. how can I properly handle this to do a non-stop?

        demo = feedparser.parse(url)
          'url': url,
          'version': demo.version,
        with open('json.json', 'r') as json_file:
          load_data = json.load(json_file)
          for p in load_data['news']:
            if len(p['url']) < 1:
              with open('json.json', 'a+') as rss:
                json.dump(data, rss)
            elif load_data['news'][-1]['url'] in url:
      except Exception as e:

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