Rename dataframes in a list using a key

I have a list of dataframe and many of the columns will need to be renamed. It will be optimal to setup a key that I can use to rename the dataframe. The variables in the dataframe may or may not exist. I have been looking if there is a function that already do this but have not been able to find anything. The following example shows what I am trying to do.

# This is a dummy list with dataframes that may contain common variables
data_list <- list(
  dfx1 <- mtcars,
  dfx2 <- mtcars %>% rename(`mpg.1` = mpg, `cyl2` = cyl),
  dfx3 <- mtcars %>% rename(`mpg.11` = mpg),
  dfx4 <- mtcars %>% select(-mpg)

# Setup a key; the key does not have to be in this format
mykey <- list(
  mpg = c("mpg.1", "mpg.11"),
  cyl = c("cyl2")

# Is there a function that I can use to rename based in this key
lapply(x, fun, mykey)

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