Using Python to playback mic input to PC in real-time

I'm trying to use Python to 'mic-monitor', i.e., to playback the mic signal through the headphones in real-time, in addition to any other output signal from the PC.

I can accomplish this by amending my PC's playback settings, but I want to do it with Python, so that I can program a Raspberry Pi to mic-monitor my cheap headset for the PS4.

I can almost accomplish this with PyAudio or sounddevice, but there is a small but significant delay. So:

  • Is there a way to eradicate that latency with Python, for example by somehow accessing my PC's inputs more directly?
  • Otherwise, why is it not possible with Python?
  • Can I somehow configure the Raspberry Pi to mic monitor in the same way as my PC?

Sounddevice code is shown below for reference:

import sounddevice as sd
duration = 5.5  # seconds

def callback(indata, outdata, frames, time, status):
    if status:
    outdata[:] = indata

with sd.Stream(channels=2, callback=callback):
    sd.sleep(int(duration * 1000))

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