heuristic algorithms NNA / RNNA / CLA to find optimal path between 1st and 3th city

Not really fluent in R coding. I have been asked to calculate the optimal path between the 1st and the 3rd city of the file 1st city: Bilbao (lat:43,25696 and Lon: -2,923441) 2nd city: Candamo (Lat:43,44661; Long: 6,058167) 3th city Santiago de Compostela (Lat:42,88045 and Long:-8,546304) using the heuristic algorithms NNA (Nearest Neighbor Algorithm) , RNNA (Repeat Nearest Neighbor Algorithm) and CLA (Cheapest Link Algorithm) using R script I tried to find any example in the blog but couldn’t find anything. ANy help where to start?

Read more here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/67923503/heuristic-algorithms-nna-rnna-cla-to-find-optimal-path-between-1st-and-3th-c

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