I cannot change the TFS workspace

Where I work we have a TFS 2015 server. I need to get in to Get Latest on a project, which is under a different workspace. However, I cannot change workspaces, no matter what I do.

When I get into VS 2019 (version 16.8.5), without opening any project, I then get into Source Control Explorer. From there I click on the Workspace dropdown. I see the "Workspaces..." in the dropdown, then select the workspace which is associated with the folder I'm trying to get to.

Then nothing happens. In particular, the workspace doesn't change.

If I go to File | Source Control | Advanced | Workspaces... where I can see all the workspaces I have. I select the one I want to in the listbox. I click on the Edit... button.

That opens the Edit Workspace dialog box, which shows me the working folders, including the one I need. Then I click on the OK button.

Nothing happens. The workspace hasn't changed. I cannot get to our code in TFS, which I need to do. This is a total showstopper.

Read more here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/66268099/i-cannot-change-the-tfs-workspace

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