JMeter Perfmon Client Disconnected Issue – No graph displayed

I have issue with JMeter Perfmon to extract server health monitoring from Linux server (Oracle Linux). Please refer below test plan tree:

enter image description here

Below is the command from Linux terminal. It shows that it accept the TCP connection (meaning the host and port number is correct). I don't connect thru host "localhost". However, whenever I try to run the test case, it starts the CPU & Memory measurement and then disconnected.

enter image description here

This is the thread group information. I want to run for 3 minutes (180 seconds):

enter image description here

But the graph appear to be empty in JMeter. It still waiting for samples:

enter image description here

Can help me what is the real issue here? It doesn't display any graph here. Do the test plan structure tree already correct? Or anything I missed? FYI I only want to extract the server information from Linux, that's why I excluded the test script (the test scenario). Thanks all. Appreciate your kind reply.

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