Julia SimpleHypergraphs – Hypernetx Error

I tried to compute a small example with the library SimpleHypergraphs. I followed the install instructions however, I have this error :

ERROR: "HyperNetX is not installed in Python used by this Julia. Install HyperNetX and reload SimpleHypergraphs.jl"

Here's my code:

using PyCall
using Conda
Conda.runconda(`install matplotlib --yes`)
Conda.runconda(`install networkx --yes`)
run(`$(PyCall.python) -m pip install hypernetx`)

using SimpleHypergraphs

h = Hypergraph{Float64}(5,4)

h[1:3,1] .= 1.5
h[3,4] = 2.5
h[2,3] = 3.5
h[4,3:4] .= 4.5
h[5,4] = 5.5
h[5,2] = 6.5

draw(h, HyperNetX; width=5, height=5)

I don't understand why this error occurs since hypernetx is well installed.

Thank you for your future answers!

Read more here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/66385857/julia-simplehypergraphs-hypernetx-error

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