Running a Python Program in the backend on an HTML button click

I am developing a location based web app/website. The website is an HTML webpage, which has a button which when clicked by the user will:

  1. Extract the user location coordinates
  2. Run a python Program which will use the user location, perform some manipulation.
  3. Finally display real-time results back to the html webpage.

The python Program accepts the user location by using geocoder function. The program is successfully running on my system/PC.

I have a AWS EC2 Ubuntu server.

Finally once everything is set up, I will be hosting/deploying the website so that individual users can test it in their system. I am aware of the hosting part.

Can someone please tell me how do I get along with the task of running the python Program on an HTML button click and sending back real time results (which is the output of the python Program) back to the html webpage?

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