Presenter View for Microsoft Teams spotted in public preview mode

Presenting on Microsoft Teams is about to get a whole lot easier.

What you need to know

  • Presenter View for Microsoft Teams is available in public preview mode.
  • The feature lets presenters view upcoming slides and presentation notes from PowerPoint.
  • Presenter View is currently set to start rolling out this month.

Microsoft Teams allows you to share PowerPoint presentations directly onto video calls. A new Presenter View will make it much easier to keep track of your presentation and to share more meaningful content. The feature is now available for Teams in public preview mode and could roll out to people as soon as this month.

The Microsoft 365 roadmap says that the feature is in development and is scheduled to come out in January 2021, though that date is subject to change.

Here is a description of the feature from the Microsoft 365 roadmap:

Presenters can view slide notes and upcoming slides helping the presenters keep the meeting on track, discuss meeting notes as needed and navigate to meeting slides quickly.

Microsoft MVP Linus Cansby shared an image of the feature on Twitter. His initial tweet states "private preview mode" but he corrects himself to say "public preview mode" in a follow up tweet.

In Presenter View, people will be able to see their current slide, slide notes, a thumbnail of their other slides, and meeting notes.

To try out the feature, you can join the Microsoft Teams public preview program. Only the presenter needs to be in the public preview mode to test out the new feature.

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