i am a bigginer in programing and there is a error coming when i am trying to play a song in phython with playsound(). and here is the code

from Playsound import Playsound ‪Playsound('‪G:\SONGS\new songs\Ritviz - Udd Gaye Official Audio.mp3')

and this is giving me this-

PS C:\Users\lenovo> & C:/Users/lenovo/AppData/Local/Programs/Python/Python39/python.exe f:/prblm_ch_01.py File "f:\prblm_ch_01.py", line 8 ‪Playsound('‪‪C:\Users\lenovo\Downloads\Ritviz - Udd Gaye.wav') ^ SyntaxError: invalid non-printable character U+202A

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