Unable to Open Postgres shell in Mac Terminal ZSH

Disclaimer that I'm both new to Mac & Postgres. I recently got the 2020 MacBook Pro and have been setting it up for my personal [learning] development computer. In the process of attempting to install Postgres, I am having issues and am not sure what I am doing wrong / missing.

I've installed Postgres via Homebrew using: brew install postgresql

All seems to have been installed fine, but whenever I try to open up a Postgres shell to enter commands into (coming from a Windows/Bash background), I keep getting the same response:

>> psql

[1] ##### killed psql

>> psql postgres

[1] ##### killed psql postgres

>> psql -U postgres

[1] ##### killed psql -U postgres

When asking where psql is:

>> where psql


I am not sure what I'm missing and any help would be appreciated! I'm trying to set up Postgres so I can use it for an Angular tutorial I'm trying to understand. The backend connection has never been my strong-suit and I'm working to fix that.

Read more here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/66341702/unable-to-open-postgres-shell-in-mac-terminal-zsh

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