How do I get a cell to retain text, after the cell it pulls from changes text?

This question will have two parts. If you're willing to help me out, feel free to address whichever chunk you've got the time or interest for. Thanks in advance.

Assume there are two cells in a spreadsheet, the first (A1) has the text hello inside, and the second (A2) has =T(A1), so they now both say hello. If I want to change the text in A1, but want the text in A2 to continue to read hello, is there a way to automate this?

For some context, this is part of a larger project where I want to create a column of stock tickers that I like. Ideally, I could type the ticker name into a cell, check a box if I want to track it, and it would automatically add itself to a column. Where the first part of this question becomes relevant is that I would then move on to another stock, deleting the first ticker I wrote, but still wanting it in my column.

The second part of the question is about making the column. My instinct would be to use the =ARRAYFORMULA function, but that draws from a column to begin with, so I'm a little bit stuck.


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