Excel selecting a number of cells below selected cell shortcut options

In Excel, I would like to select a cell and then copy the contents to n number of cells below. Instead of using the "fill" drag option since the number of rows will be fairly large and require scrolling and then stopping at the correct cell I was looking for other options.

I am currently doing the the following:

In excel I select a cell and then on the top left corner it shows the cell (i.e. A1). Then to select the number of cells below it, I modify the top left box to a range such as A1:A10 which selects the range of cells. See attached image. I then use the shortcut key "Ctrl-D" which copies the first cell to the other cells.

Is there a way instead of mentally calculating the ending cell number, I can do something that effectively works "A1 + 10" in this box to select 10 cells below to select the A1:A10 range?

enter image description here

Read more here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/66342561/excel-selecting-a-number-of-cells-below-selected-cell-shortcut-options

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